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Mark Schlesinger, Jessica LeClair
Communication Studies / American Studies
University of Massachusetts Boston

Updated: September 2004

The following list is a work in progress. It started with a list of "favorites" or bookmarks in our browser. We invite you to send in your own suggestions, as well as any comments you might have about the utility of particular sites.

Media Outlets
& Products
American Ethnic Media
lAlternative Media
Media Theories
& Analysis; Journalism
Media on Media
Media History
& Archives
Media Watchdogs
Media Industry Professional Organizations

Media Outlets & Products

ABC News
Alternate Press Index (Print index available in Healey)
Al-Ahram Weekly Online
Al Arabiya (English)
All Hurra (English; limited)
Al Jazeera Net (In Arabic)
Al Jazeera (English)
Associated Press
British Broadcasting Coorporation (BBC)
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC)
Capitol Records, AKA "Hollywood and Vine"
CEO Express (Gateway to *many* newspaper, magazine, broadcast, and other outlets, not restricted to business)
China Internet Information Center
CNET Today - Technology News
CNN.com In-depth Specials

Cursor (Gateway to hundreds of media outlets and watchdogs)
Daily Nation (Kenya)
Disney Online
DMOZ News Media Directory
East African (Weekly)
Egypt Daily News
ESPN Sports
Federal News Service (Includes transcripts of Congressional hearings, press conferences, etc.)
Fox News
Fox Sports
Gebbie Press All-in-One Media Directory (A print-only directory; contents not available on line)
Global Media Monitor
Google News (Samples 4,000 sources to offer "a news service compiled solely by computer algorithms"; updated in minutes)
Gulf Times (Qatar)
Islamic Republic (Iran) News Agency
ITAR-TASS (Russian News Agency)
Japan Times (English)
Jerusalem Post

Kyodo News
NBC VideoSeeker
The Nation
National Public Radio
Newsweek Online (Managed by MSNBC)
The Onion (Satirical)
People's Daily

Palestine News Agency
Pravda (Online; English)
Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
Radio Locator (Internet Broadcasts)
Reuters (View "raw" video here)
Salon (Online news magazine)
Slate (Online news magazine)
Scripps Howard News Service
Time Magazine Online Edition
TV Guide
Universal Studios Online
Utne Reader
Warner Bros.
Windows Media Showcase
WorldNews Network (Gateway to international online news, entertainment, sports sites, et al.)
Xinhua News Agency (In English)

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Ethnic and Global Media (Not covered above)

Asian American Film
The Black World Today
Globalinfo.org ("Daily news service of the developing world")
Hispanic Online (Comprehensive Latino news source)
Pacific News Service
New California Media

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Alternative Media

Alternative Media Resources
Alternative Media Watch
Alternate Press Center Online Directory (Periodicals)
Alternate Press Index (Print index available in Healey)
The American Conservative
Cybercast News Service (Arm of Media Research Center)
The Drudge Report
Front Page Magazine
Glenn Sacks
The Idler
Independent Media Center
Independent Press Association
LA Weekly
The Memory Hole
mediachannel.org ("Global network for democratic media")
The Onion (Satirical)
Mike's Picks (of Alternative Media; comprehensive)
Social Critic Review
Sojo Alternative Media Directory
World Net Daily
http://www.antiwar.com/ (English language world press views; daily)
Yellow Times

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Media Theories and Analysis; Journalism

Agenda Setting Theory - Mass Communication Context
Annenberg Public Policy Center, University of Pennsylvania
The American Communication Association Studies Center, Mass Media and Culture
The Business of News (Carnegie Corporation Report, November, 2002; Acrobat PDF file)
Center for Media and Public Affairs-Home of Media Analysis
Communication Institute for Online Scholarship
Counterintelligence (A "Metasite" on "Tools for Media Analysis")
First Monday
Kingston-Mann Guidelines for the Analysis of Media/Nonfiction Texts (Thanks to Professor Esther Kinston-Mann, University of Massachusetts Boston)
MCS Analysis of Media Texts
Media Literacy Online Project
Media and Communication Studies Site
Media Studies Working Group, Reading List on Media and Society (Ryerson University)
Pew Research Center for the People and the Press
Project for Excellence in Journalism and the Committee of Concerned Journalists
Resource Center for Cyberculture Studies
Skeptic's Dictionary and Refuge - Mass Media Bunk
Sociology and Philosophy Essays TV & Violence
Teacher Resources - Worksheets and Tools (Guide to photographic analysis, for example)
World Net Daily

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Media on Media

Cursor (Gateway to *many* US and international media outlets, plus commentary on media)
Hollywood Online
Media Analysis (The Nation)
Media Life (Online magazine)
MediaMatters (PBS Commentary on Media)
News Watch (Monitors Diversity in Media)
On the Media (NPR)
Online Journalism Review (USC Annenberg School of Communications)
Politech -- Declan McCullagh's technology and politics list
Studies of the Mass Mediums (A terrific metasite with links to products, theory, etc.)

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Media History and Archives

The American Museum of the Moving Image (Includes footage of Presidential Campaign Ads)
The Broadcast Archive - Radio History on the Web!
Google Search History of Radio (Example of what a Google Search can generate)
Google Search Printing Press (Another example)
The Great Debate & Beyond The History of Televised Presidential Debates
The Information Age and the Printing Press
Library of American Broadcasting
The Media History Project
Museum of Broadcast Communications
Newseum (Interactive Museum of News)
NPR Archives
OTR Script Library (Includes printed versions of old-time radio scripts)
Photo Album: Attack on the US (US Dept. of State International Information Programs)
Pulitzer Prize Photos on the Newseum
Theory.org.uk/ (A pop culture site)

Television Archive
(re September 11, 2001)
Television History - The First 75 Years
TV News Archive Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

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Media Watchdogs (Click Here for Expanded List)

Accuracy in Media
American Politics Journal

ChronWatch (Focuses on San Francisco Chronicle)
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)
Counterintelligence (A "Metasite" on "Tools for Media Analysis")
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting The National Media Watch Group

GLAAD(Promotes fair and accurate images of LGBT in media)
Institute for Public Accuracy
Journalism Ethics (San Francisco State University digest of issues)
The Funny Papers (8 entries, 1996, San Francisco Bay area)
Media Alliance
The Media Bias Web Site (South Florida; Radio; Talk Shows)
Media Research Center
Media Transparency
Media Watchdog Reviews and Analyses (University of Texas met-site -- reviews many media watchdogs)
Media Whores
Online Journal
Project for Excellence in Journalism
Skeptic's Dictionary and Refuge - Mass Media Bunk
Suite101.Com List of Media Watchdog Orgnanizations

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Media Industry Professional Organizations

American Advertising Federation
American Society of Newspaper Editors
Independent Press Association
National Association for Black Journalists
Radio-Television News Directors Association

Publication Relations Society of America
Society of Professional Journalists

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Center for Investigative Reporting (Muckraker)
Committee to Protect Journalists (Combats attacks on press freedom globally)
Communication Initiative (Communication and media for developing countries)
Doing Journalism -- Poynter Institute (Issues for journalists, especially writers)
Hollywood Investigator ("Shocking links for investigative minds")
The Maynard Institute
The Internet Movie Data Base
Internet Traffic Report
Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc.
Museum of Hoaxes
(See especially, photographic hoaxes; Thanks to Kim Slack)
Speech and Transcript Center (Up-to-date, chiefly remarks by government officials, international; links to audio files)
Urban Legends: Net hoaxes, urban legends & rumors
Movie Review Query Engine

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